Do You Want An Empowering Positive

Birth Experience?

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps


Create a positive birthing mindset by learning all about birth, your options and all the tools and techniques that you can use to help keep you stay calm during your labour and birth.


Take your confidence to the next level with a 90min private Zoom session with Steph. Tailored to your specific needs, recieve individualised support and get all of your questions answered.


Having created your positive birthing mindset, practice all the techniques you have learned and journey on to your very own, empowering positive birth experience.

Welcome to…

Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirthing Online Course

The Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirthing Online Course is tried and tested by thousands of parents. It contains high quality resources (eBook, downloads, mp3 tracks for pregnancy and birth) AND importantly, over 6 hours of professional video tuition by Australia’s leading expert in hypnobirthing, Melissa Spilsted. You are basically attending hypnobirthing classes from the comfort of your home and have access to everything 24/7!

INCLUDES 90min private Zoom session with Steph!

Preparing for your POSITIVE BIRTH with Hypnobirthing techniques has never been easier!


Hi, I’m Steph

Mum, wife, midwife, passionate birth educator & founder of the Positive Birth Initiative.

My journey as a birth educator was sparked by a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of expecting parents. Witnessing high levels of unnecessary intervention and the increasing prevalence of birth trauma, I knew something had to change.

With almost nearly 30 years of clinical midwifery experience, and as a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner and Optimal Maternal Positioning educator, I have seen first hand the difference that good birth preparation can make.

With an unwavering passion, I am now on a mission to share everything that I have learned about birth, and empower as many parents as possible so they can have an amazing birthing experience.

on the inside

What you’ll learn

Module 1

Mindset Matters

Our brain is ‘wired’ to birth

Mind/body connection

How fear can affect birth

Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome

Re-programming our mind

Maintaining a positive mindset

The language of birth & affirmations

How to use self-hypnosis

Module 2

Tool Kit for Birth

Facial relaxation

Relaxation Breathing

Surge Breathing

The ‘urge’ to push/bear down

Visualizations for birth

Birth music, aromatherapy, smell

Instant ways to relax deeply

Self-hypnosis techniques

Module 3

Knowledge is Power

Reading and research

‘Guess dates’, inductions & achieving a natural start to labour

How do I know I’m in labour?

Labor progression

Positions for birthing

Undisturbed bonding, breastfeeding time, skin to skin

Birthing the placenta

Module 4

Support & Choices

Birth Preferences

Choosing supportive caregivers

Birth partner’s role (& cheat sheet)

Using touch to release endorphins

Creating a special birth space

Special circumstances (including cesarean)

Breech or posterior positioned babies

Rehearsal for birth

Module 5

Preparation is the Key

Maintaining a healthy diet

Staying active during pregnancy

Routine for practice – repetition, repetition, repetition

Maintaining the mindset for empowered birthing

Releasing fears

Empowerment practical exercise 


Module 6

BONUS: Extra Birth Videos

In addition to the footage that is shared through the course, we have additional birth videos that are EXCLUSIVE to our hypnobubs course.

Our exclusively annotated videos contain real birth footage of REAL hypnobubs parents who have used the these techniques to achieve their own beautiful births.

Get ready to be inspired, BIG TIME!


PLUS: 90 min Private Session Via Zoom

This session really is the icing on the cake and will take your confidence to the next level.

Having completed your self-paced online Hypnobubs course, you will have a 90min private session with Steph. This can be personalised to your specific needs and could include (but not limited to) :

– Answering all of your questions.
– Assisting with writing birth preferences.
– Debriefing previous birth experiences.
– Extra fear release.
– Positions and movements for birth.
– Breastfeeding
– Post-birth planning

This session takes place via Zoom and is arranged at time to suit you. 

ALL For Just $349

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Product Price
Hypnobubs Online Course Plus Private Session $349.00

What my clients say

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I access the course?

A: The course is secured on an online learning platform so you can log into the course anytime using any internet enabled device (phone, tablet, computer etc) and take back up where you left off. You can watch the lessons over again if you like.

You can login to the online learning platform as many times as you need. It’s one login, but no restrictions on devices or anything.
You also have access to an app, so you can easily access the content on your mobile device.

Q: How long do I get access to the course?

A: You have full access to the videos, mp3s, downloads and resources from the hypnobubs™ online learning platform for 12 months following your enrolment. You can save all of the pdfs, ebooks and mp3s to your computer for future access beyond this period, however please note that there isn’t a way to save the videos.

Q: When is the best time for my private session?

A: It is ideal to do the private session once you have completed the online section of the course. But this can be arranged whenever you feel you need it.

Q: When is the best time to start the course?

A: The ideal time to start the course is between 20-30 weeks of pregnancy. This gives you ample time to practice the techniques leading up to birth.  BUT anytime is possible.

Q: Can my my birth partner do it with me?

A: Yes. The course is structured in such a way that the birth partner is encouraged to attend as they will learn how to best support and advocate for you during your pregnancy and birth. We even have a special module dedicated to the ‘Birth Partners Role’ and a ‘Birth Rehearsal’ practical exercise so you can practice the techniques together!

Q: Is the course suitable as a Hypnobirthing refresher course?

A: Yes indeed! In fact, we regularly receive this enquiry from parents who have previously attended Hypnobirthing classes and we suggest this very option. 

Q: Do I receive any other support?

A: Yes indeed! You will be invited to join me in my private Facebook community – The Positive Birth Hub.


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